Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Craft Room

My Craft Room

Hello! I have 2 showings this week and those of you who have sold a house know how hard it is to keep is "showing" ready. Especially with kids and pets and a husband. Sometimes I think they need to stay in a hotel so I can clean and it STAY clean. It's really hard and stressful. So, to save myself the time and energy I thought I'd show you my scrap space while things are put away (or lost forever). Sometimes I stick stuff places and then find it months later. I have friends that can vouch for that. lol The Realtor guy told me it would be best if I boxed it all up and my husband started laughing. Not gonna happen buddy. If they can't look past it and envision it as a different space they don't deserve my house anyway..right. lol

 This is the view as you round the corner from my kitchen. You can see the counter top on the left.

 This is my work surface.
 Paint and storage.
 My puter.
 I love my cubby cabinets but they can get cluttered pretty easily.
 My Mom gave me this hutch. I love it. It's light and easy for me to move around on my own. It stores a lot. The bottom drawers are the girls things like feathers and pipe cleaners and glue sticks. They have a few spots in here where I put things just for them. If I label things for them then they tend to stay out of off limits things. Like Mommy's pretty Prima flowers.

 This is where I store my non Thicker letters. It helps when I am looking for size specific letters.
 These little drawers and paper storage are my bff's. While she's in New Zealand doing wonderful things for the Lord I am keeping them well loved.
 This cabinet with the doors is nothing but Christmas stuff.
 This cabinet is another gift from my Mom. I have my bag books in there and lots of other things. I LOVE the plastic storage jars and the storage cabinets.
 This hutch was a garage sale find for $35.
 These canvas bins I found at my local Family Dollar for $2 a piece. The bigger canvas bins were 3 for $5!
 This white cabinet used to be in my daughters room and when she didn't want it I took it for punch storage.
 This little suitcase I got from my Husband's Christmas present from my Mom. It had hot sauces in it and I had nothing to do with which one she chose. (heehee)
I am IN LOVE with the cubby cabinet my Mom got me for Christmas from Pottery Barn. I live in the country with no neighbors but I'm sure the people in town heard my squeals of joy when I opened it. :)
I of course forgot one picture of the cabinet with the lamp on it. It has my big punches in a plastic container and the rest is lace and ribbon. I also keep all my ball trim here too.

I made the white shelf on the wall that holds Glimmer Mist perfectly ( I still can't believe it). I try to keep them organized by colors but my girls LOVE to play with it so every once in a while I reorganize it. The plant stand I found at a flea market for $5.
I hope you enjoyed my space. My goal today is to clear off all the 3 drawer plastic containers so it looks a little better. Can you imagine packing ALL this away? Me either. 
I do know that it is unlikely that I have a space like this wherever we move to but I will make the best of it. When we look at houses my Husband thinks of me and my crap...I mean stuff. lol I hope to find a new house we can all be happy in! :)
Hope you have a fabulous day! 
  Happy crafting...or reorganizing!

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  1. :) Wow.. Even though I have been here before and seen this for myself.. I am in aww and taken back when you show each section individually! lol Crafters Haven/Heaven!!