Saturday, July 10, 2010

MAN has it been a busy 2 weeks. So unusual for us but with my niece in from TN we've been doing something almost every day and every night. Last night was cosmic bowling in Lafayette In. It was so much fun and I think I got beat by a 5 yr old and it was her first time ever bowling! HA! The kids had a blast and even though we got home at midnight it was a great time. We will for sure be doing that again....but much earlier. I am taking my niece back to her mom on Monday. We meet half way in Louisville and we will miss her so much. My girls just adore her and fight over her constantly. Sit by me...sit by me is what I hear the most so in the middle is her spot! lol
I hope to enjoy these last couple days with her then it's back to boring for us. I haven't been doing much crafts lately although we did have scrap night one night. It was a lot of fun.

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