Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thinking of You Book

 Hello! I hope you are all having a great day! I have been at my local library all day teaching a paper bag book class to kids! It's been a long and very fun day. I had my 2 girls with me too. Whew. This project I have today is a book I made for my bff who is in New Zealand doing amazing things and spreading the word of God. I love her for that and for being so brave. She is amazing.

 I used some quotes for the BGC A Little Bird Told Me emails I get and picked some that mean a lot to me and used them in this book. I hope she reads them when she feels down or misses me.

 I'm sure you know YMH has awesome stuff but have you tried the Glimmer Glam by Tattered Angels yet? Well, if not you should. I love it. I used it all through this book to add some color and sparkle to my pages and to some embellishments.
 I used Lipstick Pink and painted it on over my acrylic paint. I love the sparkle and there's lots of it!

      You can add as many layers as you want.

 I used Chandelier over the clouds and Tide Pool  and Lipstick Pink on the bird.

 I hope you try some Glimmer Glam! Go over to to get some at a good price. I'm sure Kristina can help you out if you are wanting to try a certain color too. :)

I will see you all back here next Thursday. Have a great day!

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