Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yah! I am finally up and running! It took me a minute to figure this all out and with constant interruptions from the girls it's been a task! I plan to use this Blog to post pics of the projects I'm working on, alone and with friends. I have a booth at Trader Buck's in Crawfordsville and will post things I make for there here as well. If there's anything you are interested in please contact me and I will pull it and we can make arrangements. I have a crazy life out here in the middle of nowhere as my kids say. Rural Indiana can be fun but very quiet, which is the part I like. I try to find time everyday to do something creative. I love all things scrapbook and artsy. I am currently taking a Suzi Blu Petit Dolls class and will post on how that is going. I love Suzi and she makes me want to create all day every day. I wish the kids would let me! I am going to go try and figure out how to upload pictures of projects I have already done as well as works in progress. Here I back after while. :)

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